Wote Charity Fund

In the past 21 years, WOTE has always been grateful to the community with practical actions. We will continue to devote ourselves to public welfare undertakings and make contributions to the construction of industrial chain, high-end talent education, green earth, poverty alleviation and other public welfare areas. WOTE is committed to the transformation and upgrading to a national material chain with industrial ecology as the core, relying on the charity system. We will continue to support social progress and human development, and promote a better life for mankind.WOTE deeply rooted its corporate social responsibility in its own development genes. In 2008, it established the WOTE Love Foundation to help employees with difficulties to overcome the difficulties. In 2019, Shenzhen Charity Association · WOTE Charity Fund was jointly established with Shenzhen Charity Association to practice corporate citizenship’s social responsibility more professionally and efficiently on a professional charity platform.
During the fight against the new crown epidemic, the company immediately donated ¥1,000,000 to the Shenzhen Charity Association. At the same time, nearly ¥300,000 was donated to Shenzhen Qikang Elderly Service Co., Ltd. for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic of the Gongming Welfare Home and the infrastructure construction of the welfare home.
WOTE has set up “WOTE scholarship” in Sichuan University, which is specially used for outstanding students and poor students in College of polymer materials and engineering of Sichuan University. It firmly cultivates and supports high-quality and application-oriented talents in need, and makes new contributions to the realization of industrial technological innovation and the introduction of high-quality talents.
During the fight against the new crown epidemic, the company donated nearly ¥600,000 to the Shenzhen Women and Children Development Foundation to help the world fight the epidemic.
Shenzhen Women and Children Development Foundation
The Shenzhen Women and Children Development Foundation is a public fundraising foundation initiated by the Shenzhen Women’s Federation. Its purpose is to "improve the living environment of women and children, improve the quality of women and children, integrate resources to promote social innovation, and promote the development of women and children‘s undertakings." Chairman Wu Xian serves as the vice chairman of the Shenzhen Women and Children’s Foundation. He constantly pays attention to the development and innovation of women and children’s undertakings, and continues to advocate and promote gender equality and women’s development.