Partner Culture

WOTE regards employees as partners and regards the growth of partners as its own responsibility. If you are a Maxima, Walter is Bole, not only providing you with rich and high-quality nutrients, but also providing you with a vast grassland where you can ride. WOTE, a collaborator who regards employees as partners and team as soul.

Partner’s Definition
WOTE regards employees, shareholders, suppliers, customers as partner with the belief that we should work together to create better future.
Core of partnership
If we win, you raise a glass to celebrate; if we lose, we fight to save each other.
Principle of Partnership
honesty and self-discipline, high efficiency, mutual achievement. Mission will be achieved.
Partner Ecology
appreciation, understanding and tolerance. We see employees as our partners, who are fully empowered and fully trusted. We fight side by side with excellent people, maintain a mentality of growth, keep learning, support each other, and advance and retreat together.

Wote Academy

Wote Academy
Wote Academy
Wote Academy

WOTE College is both a learning platform for the growth of all people in WOTE and a value link platform for industrial ecology. It is an enterprise learning and development platform that connects corporate strategy and business operation with a straightforward attitude towards performance. WOTE College works to create the learning culture with distinct WOTE’s feature, promote the continuous growth of employees and facilitate the value link of the industrial chain and ecological chain.

Academy Dynamic
New employee training of "WOTE First Lesson"
Wote Academy